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DESIGNED for whole body mental health, this 30 Day Journey is yoga for the here and now. This series is suitable for all levels, and offers modifications and enhancements for individuals far and wide to practice in a way that invites transformation, healing, and strength from the inside out.


CENTER focuses on whole body strengthening with core centered practices. It is breath led and crafted like a good book. One practice, or page, prepares you for the next.


EXPECT to learn new things, go deeper in your practice, discover how to absorb your own self care, befriend Benji the dog, and practice yoga, meditation, breathwork, self massage, affirmation, sweat, stillness, and laughter.

I can't think of a soul that hasn't been thrown off center. I hope this series will serve as a daily practice to help us return, sustain, heal & grow. I hope it will support us in the next season of life in the most surprising and surreal way. In my experience, yoga does have the power to do just that. 


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