30 Days of Yoga Series 

For the past ten years, millions of people have joined us for our annual 30 Days of Yoga series. Each of these series features not only a daily practice video but also an accompanying email to guide and encourage you on your journey. 

Read more about each of the series, sign up below for the daily emails and begin your own 30 day yoga journey. Plus, find answers to some commonly asked questions about the 30 Days of Yoga series. 


Answers to commonly asked questions about the series.

FLOW (2024)

F L O W is a series of many different tempos that lead you by way of the breath to the discovery of different energetic states throughout your physical journey.


CENTER (2023)

CENTER focuses on whole body strengthening with core centered practices. It is breath led and crafted like a good book. One practice, or page, prepares you for the next.


MOVE (2022)

This program is an invitation to move better, feel better, and improve brain and body function significantly.


BREATH (2021)

This series is designed to help you build muscle tone, improve spinal alignment, and optimize body function.


HOME (2020)

Yoga offers the tools to get to know who we really are. This journey is about reuniting with your self through regular practice.



Get ready to transform tired energy into useful energy! Invite change, beckon growth, and discover your own unique rhythm.


TRUE (2018)

To open your mind and commit to this at home yoga practice is to open your mind and commit to getting closer to your true self.



An invitation for new beginnings, transformation, and a celebration of the power we receive when we are true to ourselves.


Yoga Camp (2016)

"Bootcamp" for the Mind, Body & Soul. A 30 Days Of Yoga series for physical and mental health. Everyone is invited to camp!


30 Days of Yoga (2015)

The Original 30 Days of Yoga. This series is intended to support you in finding what feels good. Let’s reach for the stars!