LIGHT - 7 Day Chakra Ride


LIGHT invites you to go on a ride up the energetic super highway of the spine.


It’s physical, it’s heart felt, it's….energy…man.

Learn to harness and guide it.

You are invited to go on your first of hopefully many rides! These practices are deep and not designed for you to nail or master. They are designed to help you cultivate to the subtle body energy, to open, to balance, to explore some unknown territory.

They are built for you to return to.

Learn about the chakras in a fun and inviting way.

Learn intermediate poses and pranayama.

Most importantly, learn about yourself.

Guide your energy so it is working with you and not against you.

Music by Sol Rising

Light is available in two options:

LIGHT is included in the FWFG Yoga membership or can be purchased as a standalone series. 

Light - Downloadable Collection

Downloadable Collection

You'll receive immediate access to all the videos in both streaming and downloadable formats. 

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Light is also available as part of the FWFG streaming monthly membership. Join for only $12.99/month.

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LIGHT includes:

7 Exclusive Yoga Videos

LIGHT includes 7 unique 30 min practices designed by Adriene to help you tend to and explore the energy of your body.

 A way for you to take stock and assess where you are at as well as provide you a practice to return to when you feel out of balance.

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Explore the Chakras in a fun way! 

Learn about the chakras in a fun and inviting way. Lay the foundation for exploration and expansion! Open your mind, listen to your breath and Find What Feels Good.